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No Border Collie without sports - according to this motto, our dogs spend their time :) they love sports :)  


For they have different interest, they are trained individually, depending on their interests, and promoted in different disciplines.


Besides their sports activities, they are fabulous riding companions, they accompany us at swimming and inline skating.















Especially our old Lady Lucy found herself in Agility. Although already 10 years old, she does the parcours like a young girl, and you can see the joy in her eyes.

Also Lucy's grandchildren Maya and Chase enjoy Agility a lot, we will join some tournaments together :)






Zumindest hatte Lucy Spaß :D Obwohl das sonst ein 0 Fehler lauf gewesen wäre.


Trailen - die perfekte Beschäftigung für jung und alt. Nach diesem Grundsatz haben wir mit Maya schon als Junghund mit dem Trailen begonnen, sie zeigt sich sehr begeistert und lernt sehr schnell - eben ganz der Papa.

Aber auch Belle und Lucy begleiten mich mit großer Leidenschaft über Stock und Stein um die/das "Zielperson/Zieltier" zu finden.





Our girls Belle and Maya found their passion in Obedience. They both always work 100%, and also at exams or tournaments, I can always rely on them. It is a sheer joy to train them and work with them.

Also Lucy, Joyce and Chase do some Obedience basics, but it's not heir favourite. 





We practice this sport just for fun in the colder time of the year,  depending on temperature. Mostly we start with our dog trike and warm clothes ;)

Especially Belle and Chase are perfect "wheel dogs", they love to pull the trike at a crazily high speed.

Also Maya fulfills her job as "Lead dog" perfectly, whereas Lucy and Joyce prefer the free running beside the trike.

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