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This list contains useful links to friends, breeders, clubs and other interesting stuff.

We explicitly point out that we cannot take over responsibility for any content of external websites!

Clubs & friends:


Austrian Club for British Sheepdogs


ÖKV  Austrian Kennelclub Association


FCI Fédération Cynologique Internationale




Borderview World Online Magazine


Borderline Country Border Collies & Shelties


Jule Too Border Collies


Trucharm Border Collies


Viking Vision Border Collies & Shelties


Border Collies from The Old Schoolyard

Border Collies from Sequoia Meadow

Glaendale Cameron

Caleykiz Border Collies



Border Collie health & genetics:


Border Collie breed standard (FCI nr. 297)


Anadune Border Collie database


Border Collie Health database


Border Collie Glaucoma database


Border Collie Epilepsy database


Hip grades - classification in different countries


Dog genetics


Border Collie Breed Information


Extended breed standard


Judging the Border Collie (by Janet E. Larson)


Construction in Relation to Movement  (by Karen Hedberg)



Our vets:

Veterinary practice Die Tierärztin Elke Zimmermann


Veterinary practice Im Fall der Felle (Dr. Moser, Krumpendorf)


Veterinary hospital Kreuzbergl


Blendivet Dr. Konrad & Dr. Christine Blendinger


University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna




Dr. Ian Dunbar, Before You Get Your Puppy (Berkeley 2001)


Dr. Ian Dunbar, After You Get Your Puppy (Berkeley 2001)



Training & Behaviour:


Training Dogs


Article: Reine Welpenspielstunden sind negativ für Ihren Hund


Article: Crossing Over To The Dark Side


Article: Gut sozialisiert? Nö, gut traumatisiert


Article: Hundefreundlicher Garten (by Sebastian Schläger)

It’s Not “All In How You Raise Them”: The Role Of Genetics In Behavior




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