Breaking News !!! After waiting a long time, our lovely Joyce got into heat in the beginning of February! On 7th of February, we travelled to Hofheim / Germany to Dr. Blendinger for the A.I. Everything worked nicely, we are expecting puppies around April10th. We are very excited about this combination, we have been waiting for a long time.


Our warmest thanks to Carol and Donna Wiltshire (Caleykiz Border Collies) for letting us have their handsome boy Sunni and for making this special litter possible! And for their extra effort they took on during a crisis, it is so highly appreciated. Thank you!



Caleykiz I'm a Firestarter

CEA: clear (by parentage)       

GG: clear (tested)              

TNS: clear (by parentage)  


Eyes: ECVO clear (08/2020)

Goniodysgenesis: clear


hipscore:   7/7

Sunni's page

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 Multi JCh & Multi Ch

Borderline Country Winningstyle

CEA: clear (tested)

DM: clear (tested)

IGS: clear (tested)

MDR1: clear (tested)

MH: clear (tested)

NCL: clear (tested)

RS: clear (tested)

SN: clear (tested)

TNS: clear (tested)

GG: affected (tested)

PRA/KAT: clear (04/2018)

Goniodysgenesis: clear


hipscore:  A/A

elbows:  0/0

shoulders: OCD-free

knees:  0/0


Joyce's page



Puppy alarm on April 10th 2021 !!!

As we saw on the x-rays, there was just one singleton puppy that arrived safe and sound on February 11th. Puppy and mom Belle are doing perfectly fine.


Puppy portrait:

Boy 1: El Escorial

              (20:30 h, 410 g)       



Studbook nr: ÖHZB BORC

CEA/IGS/MDR1/NCL/RS/SN/TNS clear by parentage