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08.- 10.08.2014  4th International Alpe Adria Trophy (Klagenfurt, Austria)


First Day (Nightrace):  

Judge: Sabrina Hauser (A)

Borderline Country Palucca:  3rd place

                                                         (A1 large /33)

Second Day (Classics):  

Judge: Sabrina Hauser (A-Run),

             Mitja Znidaric (Jumping)

Borderline Country Palucca:  dis. (A1 large/34)

Third day (Trophy):  

Judge: Mitja Znidaric (A-Run),

             Sabrina Hauser (Jumping)

Borderline Country Palucca:  4th place in A-Run,

                                           Jumping dis. (A1 large/34)


Results Nightrace               Results Classics                  Results Trophy

08.06.2014  2. ÖGV-Cup Süd / 21. Lindwurm-Turnier in Klagenfurt


Judges: Inge Eberstaller (A-Run)

              Siegfried Eberstaller (Jumping)

Borderline Country Palucca took the 7th place

at A-Run  (1 mistake) and the 3rd place at Jumping

(0 mistakes), in total the fantastic 4th place!

Many thanks to Robert and Brigitte who trained

and prepared the girls so well!

03.-04.08.2013      3 Countries Flyball Championship in Sauldorf / Germany




















The 3 Countries Flyball Championship was the first international competition abroad for the Carinthian Cool Racers.

Despite the heat (more than 35 degrees!) the Cool Racers kept cool and  took the 2nd place of 1st division in the speed trial on Saturday, setting a new official team record of 18,01 seconds.

On Sunday, the Cool Racers won the first race easily. Before the second race, the competition had to be abandoned because of a terrible thunderstorm. For the Cool Racers had completed only one race, they took "only" the third place :-)


Nevertheless it was a nice and successful weekend: new team record, second fastest team of the whole competition and fastest Austrian flyball team!

AND: Lucy did a personal best time: 4,19 seconds!!!

Starring: Johnny, Shalom, Moon, Nelly, Jamie and Lucy :-)



08./09.06.2013    4th Pink Paws Flyball Race

The 4th Pink Paws Flyball Race took place on a very hot weekend (after a very cold period) and the Carinthian Cool Racers started in the first division, once again with 3 flyball beginners.


The first day was a "training day", dedicated to "beginners"- training, with poor results but lots of progress. The second day was a "racing day" with good times and lots of fun.


Therefore the Carinthian Cool Racers proudly took the second place (first division) after the Hungarian team Cani-ball blue, and became the fastest Austrian flyball team!


Starring: Johnny, Shalom, Moon, Nelly, Jamie and Lucy :-)




06.04.2013     Pannonia Cup of  ÖGV Wiener Neustadt


The first race of the Pannonia Cup was thrilling and more than successful:


Although we started with 3 beginners (!), the Carinthian Cool Racers were the fastest Austrian flyball team and finally took the second place of first division (after the Hungarian flyball team "Cani-ball blue")!


Starring: Johnny, Shalom, Moon, Nelly, Jamie and Lucy :-)


04.11.2012     ÖKV Carinthian Agility Championship  / Klagenfurt

08./09.09.2012     3rd Pink Paws Flyball Race



 Finally Lucy was old enough to start for the first time at an Agility competition (dogs must have at least 18 months, and Lucy had 18 months and 1 day ;-)


Weather had been very bad during the last weeks, so the girls did not get a lot of training.

The A-run was finished with a disqualification because of a mistake at the slalom, but the jumping was finished successfully - and so Lucy did an excellent 3rd place at the her first agility competition!

Thanks also to Robert and Brigitte who trained and coached her so successfully!  






The 3rd Pink Paws Flyball Race was the first competition to start for Lucy (dogs must have at least 15 months to be allowed to start in a competition). It was also the first competition for the Carinthian Cool Racers flyball team, a start with 3 beginner dogs. On top of that our fastest flyball-boy Jamie could not start because of an injury - exciting conditions for our young team.


But despite all troubles, the Cool Racers kept cool and proudly took the 4th place (1st division).

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