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Our dogs share our life and live with us as beloved members of our family, they want and get a lot of appropriate excercise. Already for this reason, the number of dogs that we can keep here with us, is very restricted. In the interests of the selection for breeding and for the preservation of the gene pool, it would be ideal to have recourse to a larger number of dogs, out of these only the best ones are used for breeding.


For conservation and maintenance of the gene pool, we sometimes look for dedicated and active co-owners who would like to support this, who would like to raise and keep a dog in co-ownership and who provide the adult dog - as far it shows great potential then - for breeding purposes.This means that the dog has to attend dog shows, it has to undergo the essential vaccinations, X-rays and eye exams and of course must not be neutered / spayed.


"Our" co-owners are expected to treat the dog as a beloved family member, to raise and keep it appropriately and to care optimally for its health. A positive attitude towards dog shows and sports  is desirable.


If you are interested in a co-owned dog and if you want to commit yourself to the breed, we are looking forward to your contacting.












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