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We are a small kennel located in southern Austria, dedicated to breeding high quality border collies, according to the breed standard and following the guidelines of the Austrian Club for British Sheepdogs, that belongs to ÖKV and FCI. We strive for quality and soundness. Our dogs are bred according to the breed standard, for health, temperament, soundness and versatility.


First, we focus on health. Only a healthy dog is beautiful and can display its full potential. Therefore we make sure that our dogs had undergone all possible tests and examinations before the mating - far beyond the required amount. Our dogs are x-rayed (HD, ED, OCD, patella and lumbar spine), screened for genetic diseases (BCG, CEA, DM, IGS, MDR1, MH, NCL, RS, SN, TNS) and regularly eye tested (incl. Glaucoma).


Furthermore, we set great value on excellent character and a balanced temperament of our dogs. If an appropriate education and training is provided, they are not only strenuous partners for work, sports and leisure, but also loyal family members.


Quality implicates also a correct and sound appearance, for only a correct body structure enables correct and tireless movement and the ability to work tirelessly.


For we set very high standards choosing a studdog and raising the puppies, we will have litters only from time to time. Our puppies are born and raised in our living area, where they get to know all the everyday noises and meet the first visitors. In their puppy garden they have got space to run and play, and different toys that support their development. They are carefully socialised with people and other pets, they do several excursions to get to know different surroundings, and of course to get in touch with car driving.


Our puppies leave us at the age of 9 weeks. They are microchipped, dewormed (4x), eye-examined, vaccinated, controlled by the breed warden. They have an ÖKV / FCI pedigree and an EU pet passport. They bring a puppy pack and a folder with all their documents and some information stuff.


For our puppies are very near and dear to us, we give them only to active, loving homes, to people who are willing to care a whole dog's life for their new family member, and who educate and train their new friend appropriately and carefully. Border collies are very active dogs that need do be exercised - also mentally. A short walk now and then is not enough! We won't sell any puppies to people who keep them in kennels all day!


We are always happy to welcome visitors who want to meet us and our dogs. If you are ready for a lifelong friendship with a wonderful, intelligent and active dog, we are looking forward to meeting you.


For our dogs live with us as beloved members of our family and want to be exercised appropriately, we can keep only a very restricted number of dogs here with us. Therefore we might sometimes offer the possibility of co-ownership. Please find further information here:

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